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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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protest the decision to cut their pay. -- lowest paid teachers protest the decision to cut their pay. >> baltimore continues to keep their playoff dream alive. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute good evening, everyone. we begin with a special city council meeting tonight. >> this was stephanie rawlings- blake's first meeting since learning she would be taking over as mayor. >> she is live and city hall. >> it was business as usual for stephanie rawlings-blake. we did get to ask for a number of questions about pressing issues. this includes what is going on with police and fire as well as a closer look into elected officials that possibly stems up
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with what goes on with mayor dixon. >> i know that good times are ahead for baltimore. i appreciate the council members who are able to stand with me as we start the a city in a process of transition. >> stephanie rawlings-blake taking a couple of minutes to assure the council cut the work of the city will continue. at the top of the mayor's agenda, the police and fire pension issue. costs from that issue said the city deficit to almost $190 million. rawlings blake says that she is working on a solution. >> they work with a greater baltimore committee. >> i look forward to getting that report. >> another hot issue concerning mayor dixon's $83,000 a year
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pension. steffens rawlings blake will look at ethics legislation, something that is a little bit uncomfortable now. >> everything about this process is of course. >> leading that study is william. he says that the concern is there, but he is not sure if the city pension system is that far out of whack. >> you could have modified fire and police pension people. they would not take a look at the elected official retirement and pension system. you have to. if you have to look at everything. >> we understand that there is a planned protest at city hall tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. this was organized through facebook. the organizer says that he expects about 500 people to attend. >> tonight, miller goes one-on-
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one with baltimore's mayor and wedding. the city -- mayor in waiting. chances are that she will have a close eye on three bills with the rotating fire closures. they will andy controversial practice meant to cut costs. the legislation would make recommendations and establish a review board. the fire chief says that the issue needs to be addressed quickly. >> we are at a critical stage. next year looks worse than this year. in my professional opinion, i would want others to look as well. >> the city is closing five fire stations a day. it would save $5 million.
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they consider it a public safety hazard. >> more the 100 teachers and turned out to fight over a pay cut. they voice their concerns over a school board budget hearing. kerry cavanaugh was there tonight. >> county officials are facing a $12 million budget shortfall due in part to increase in health-care and retirement expenses. this involves imposing a pay cut on teachers and staff to save more than $5 million in wages. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> teachers had a show of solidarity at this board of education meeting. less than two weeks into 2010, and they are gearing up to battle pay cuts. >> any change would demoralize the teachers. they could live right where they are now and transferred to another county and get paid more.
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>> 3100 teachers are facing a possible salary cut of 2%. they have to make up for revenue shortfalls and they are trying to minimize the impact on teachers. >> one of the goals of this budget was to preserve jobs. the board is making every effort they can to make sure that that can happen. >> teachers can to the budget meeting with their own ideas on how to close the budget gap, starting with streamlining costs. >> energy efficiency and lighting. after a two-year payback period, they would save this back. >> that could finalize the budget, all while taking suggestions from impassioned teachers into account. >> they are in the budget process. it is great when they come out today and learn a little bit more.
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>> they have until june to come up with the final version of the budget. it will be reviewed by the town council. >> the maryland jockey club is trying their luck. they have hired a washington- based country. last month, and anne arundel county executive chose the mall to repeat this. the jockey club got 19,000 signatures. >> maryland state police are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man on the belt way. he was trying to fix his truck at 695 and route 40 when a car veered off the road and hit him. they are saying that it is a black honda accord. call state police if you know who was behind the wheel. a grand jury has a -- indicted
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and convicted sex offender that laws sought an 11-year-old salisbury girl alive. he faces kidnapping, child of the auction, and burglary charges. -- child abduction, and burglary charges. >> tonight the ravens are trying to keep up the energy from yesterday's and explosive win in new england. >> they will need it to get to miami. it first goes through indianapolis. gerry sandusky joins us with more. >> starting tomorrow, and new focus. the ravens will take the practice field with all eyes pointing toward peyton manning and the indianapolis colts. they certainly figured out tom brady the second time they faced him this season. they picked him off three times. but they took a three-time super
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bowl winner and made him look that lost. now they will take on four-time mvp peyton manning. he does not see any direct link between shutting down tom brady and shutting down peyton manning. they could take another step closer to the super bowl. >> these two guys are different. they are hall of famers. the offenses are completely different. how they run the offense is completely different. >> john harbaugh and his coaches have to plan a way to slow down peyton manning. he has a different set of worries to carry through the week. >> that brings us to our ravens question for the day. what do you think was the best part of the ravens, patriots game? grab your cell phone and send a text. text that the letter a for all
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of those tom brady interceptions. text b if you think ray rice's touchdown was the best part. text c if you think it was ray lewis' 13 tackles. so far, close to 400 of you. 64% say it was ray rice's 83- yard touchdown. 17%, although they appreciate them, voted for ray and the west' tackle. >> after a decade of deceit, a baseball player comes clean. >> hear what mark mcgwire is saying about steroids. >> hd doppler is seeing a little bit of snow in parts of maryland. see how long that will stick around.
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>> jayne miller one on one with baltimore's next mayor. the transition of power. a candid conver
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>> baltimore's incoming mayor takes on some probing questions. >> over the weekend, stephanie rawlings-blake sat down with jayne miller. >> as you can see, i am a very picky eater. >> stephanie rawlings-blake allowed us in her home. a plea deal included sheila dixon's resignation and she ascended to the job from her current post as city council president. >> if you had the opportunity, would you say no thanks when the mayor was in disagreement? this is something that you
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really want to do? >> it was very clear to me, that no matter what the outcome of this trial was, that baltimore has been damaged. we do not have the relationship with the obama administration. we are damaged and we have to get through that. because of the clean break, we have a chance for a new start. >> are you ready to do this? >> one of the things i took seriously about running for council president was understanding all of their responsibilities. all i knew all along but whether it with a resignation or any other means, i am the next person in mind. >> some have doubts. he made this comment in december. stephanie is a good person, just not ready to be mayor. i do not think her work ethic is as good as sheila's.
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>> i had the opportunities to have a very fantastic occasion. my work as an attorney and councilmember and board leader for the prior administration. i worked as council president. if you look at it, they were stepping stones to give us the experience that we need for the place that i am at the time. >> rawlings blake calls herself a government nurse. do not expect her chopped-style to change even when a newspaper columnist calls for it cool to the point of aloof. >> what i love about government is that i get to work in a job that i absolutely love doing. that is making baltimore better. what i do -- like -- what i do
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not like is a running blog on how far should style my hair. people want me to smile more. you are not allowed to be pensive. that is taken as aloof. i think about things. this is important to me. i do not take it lightly. >> one distinct difference between rawlings-blake and sheila dixon can come in the elections board. part of the reason that dixon is leaving office is that she failed to report thousands of dollars in gifts from a developer that was her one-time boyfriend. she had hand-written addendums and page after page of guests for all sorts of ethics disclosures. >> it makes you feel uncomfortable.
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if you give me something, i am not going to tell anybody. that did not sit well with me. if i go to the ravens game, i go to the ravens game. i do not want you to think that because i went to the ravens game as a guest of your hospital, that means anything more than we shared a game together. if i make a vote about the hospital, it will still be the same. they say, you were in their box. yes, i was in their box. yes, i was there. >> there is a lighter side. this picture was taken at the super bowl in 2001 with rawlings-blake sporting a purple wig. if politics is in her blood. her father was a powerful legislator who led her daughter to public service.
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>> i am getting books on thurgood marshall. we went to events together. campaign events and meetings since i was a job. >> rawlings-plate takes over as the city struggles to take over after a recession. she personally has faced troubles, facing foreclosure in 2006. the debts were paid. >> people have difficulties. sometimes, your best effort is not enough. we are in a great recession. a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck, no matter what that number is. i am keenly aware of what that means to the family. >> she calls this an awkward time with dixon's resignation
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not in effect until february 4. the transition is under way. >> there is a new sheriff in town. not directly, but the conversations have started. >> rawlings blake tells us that she wants to see changes in the city's at the coat to eliminate confusion and increased transparency. >> we continue to see some snow showers on the hd doppler. how much of this is hitting the ground depends on what the atmosphere is so dry. there are a few flurries and snow showers and working their way across the eastern shore. this is working its way across 95 in cecil county. a little bit south of there, a
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good chunk of the eastern shore has the potential to pick up a flurry for a snow shower. this is going down to the west of baltimore. a few flurries are still showing up. at bwi marshall, it has been a dry day so far. look at how chili it was today. 41 is the normal high. this is normally the coldest time of the year. we only hit 36 of the airport. we started the morning at 16 degrees, well short of 23. temperatures are at or below the freezing point. this would coat the ground in a few spots. even down to ocean city, it is only 28. chester is down to 28. teens and low 20's in western
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maryland. a couple of snow showers lingering in western maryland. the central part of the state could be clearing out as we go to rush hour. not as much snow expected around baltimore. the main accumulations' would be in west virginia or for western maryland. that is where your weather advisories remained in effect overnight. mostly cloudy skies and sunrise at 7:26. this one is weaker. it is following the same basic pass coming across the rockies. it is dragging in another shot of cold air behind it. this does not kick off as much snow fall as the one we had late last week. another shot of cold air will follow this pressure system. this will at least make a run at the mid-atlantic.
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snow showers will continue in the mountains tomorrow evening and into parts of wednesday. partly cloudy skies are expected in baltimore. the green-shaded areas around detroit and into buffalo on thursday. rain is indicated by the computer models. not very warm tomorrow. another cold one. at 31-36. it will feel like it is in the 20's. there could be 5 inches of snowfall in western maryland. partly cloudy at 35. as you've had over to southern delaware, an early morning flow. seven-day forecast looking for a little warm up. 34 tomorrow. lo 40's on wednesday. upper 40's on friday.
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it looks like it will be mostly rain. a little bit of ice will be mixed in on sunday. >> the ravens defense has reemerged as a unit that the rest of the nfl has to worry about. john harbaugh says that they need more than momentum.
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>> you will see the highlight of ray rice going 83 yards. the ravens defense deserves as much credit for the continued march to the playoffs as the ravens running game. he sacked tom brady three times. you can do that in january throwing to terrell suggs. the strip and the full recovery. this marks the continuing transformation of a defense that looked ordinary midseason. the new defensive coordinator has done an extraordinary job of bringing the ravens along to his way of doing things. john harbaugh did nothing less than expected. >> every year we started strong. a little bit different cast of characters. different guys do different things well.
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they get worse in some areas and maybe get a little bit colder or whenever the case is. there is always the transition with the new coordinator. >> the challenge for the raiders -- ravens is to do something when rex ryan was the coordinator. the colts beat the ravens 17-15 career of baltimore. they have concerns about the ravens running attack as the ravens feel about the colts passing attack. >> there will not be a need to throw any passes. they run it so well. they can limit your ability to rush the passer. >> anyone who travels for business knows the importance of maximizing your road trips. look at this. we want to take you back to
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yesterday's ravens game in foxboro. there is the change of jersey. he is the referee at the loyola game tonight. this is just too much on the offensive side. he has the score. they beat them 59-50. a big win for brenda frese and the terrapins tonight. from the sing. cut to the chase. monica rice broke the all-time school scoring record. this would have been the game- winner for virginia. 13-4 is the record now. not bad for a rebuilding year. mark mcgwire ' s admission to using steroids probably would have had a bigger impact if he
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had the courage to admit when testifying before congress instead of doing it after going 0-two on his first two hall of fame ballots. he dodged the issue five years ago on capitol hill. even in making the admission today, mcgwire still contends that steroids to not necessarily make him hit more home runs. he says that he used them to help recover from injuries. is that not a long felines that say that you by "playboy" magazine for the articles? this was the year that he hid the then-record 70 home runs. >> tom is up next with a look at the seven-day forecast.
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in the cost like the last cold day for a high. mid-40's on thursday. lo 40's for the weekend. we will enter into a much warmer atmosphere. rain will mix in on sunday. this may be the last of this current cold spell. >> the entire decade we have had this cold. global warming. >> it is going to be 70 at indianapolis. that doesn't get.
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